Mi-Tech utilizes CartoPac to help with hurricane restoration efforts

Mi-Tech's challenge

Mi-Tech, a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin based energy and engineering consulting company, was faced with the challenge of damage assessment when Hurricane Irma caused widespread devastation throughout the Florida Keys. Assisting Keys Energy, the public power utility for the Lower Florida Keys, Mi-Tech was responsible for assessing the damage to both utility and light poles in the area.

Mi-Tech Utility Pole Damage.gifMi-Tech sent a team of ten to tackle the assessment. Starting the process without the CartoPac Solution, the team quickly switched gears and leveraged CartoPac for iOS to perform the light pole inspection. Mi-Tech employees were able to quickly and efficiently complete this process, saving an estimated week's time in collecting data. Not only was the data collected more efficiently, it boasted a high level of accuracy and eliminated the potential for human error. After the inspection was complete, Mi-Tech was able to provide Keys Energy with all of the data that they collected digitally, allowing them to quickly begin their restoration efforts.

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